Kabobi Restaurant is a unique Afghan restaurant that offers delicious food and drinks in a modern and professional setting. Our mission is to provide our guests with an unforgettable dining experience, while also promoting Afghan culture and cuisine. Our vision is to be the #1 choice for Afghan cuisine in the city, and to help promote Afghanistan as a top tourist destination.



  • Chicken Strips (5 Pieces) : $10.99
  • Fries : $4.50


Rabri Falooda 
Rabri is prepared with milk, boiled and mixed with nuts and green cardamom powder then filled in glasses with milk, vermicelli, tukh malanga, red syrup, garnished with nuts and served chilled.
  • $6.50
Malai Ice Cream (Pistachios) 
Creamy ice cream with pistachios, cashew nuts, cardamom seeds and vanilla cream. A traditional flavor that will give you a cool finish to your meal. Served in a cup for “on the go” convenience.
  • $4.50
Kheer (Rice Pudding) 
Our creamy corn pudding is made with high quality long grain rice boiled with creamy milk, fresh blended cardamom slow cooked to perfection for a mouthwatering sweet dessert. All from scratch in house.
  • $4.50
Nut filled multilayered pastry (baklava) from the Farsi for “many leaves”, a pastry perfected and consists of layers of phyllo filled with nuts and spices and drenched in a honey syrup.
  • $6.50


Soda Can : $1.99
Spring Water : $1.29
Mango Lassi : $5.99
Soda Bottle : $2.99
Chai (Milk) Tea Cup : $2.29
Pakola : $2.19
Pineapple Juice : $1.79
Mango Juice : $2.39
Sweet Lassi : $5.99


Our fresh tandoori naan bread is made with our state of the art tandoori clay oven at 400 degrees. All bread is made upon order for the freshest naan bread to go with all your favorite meals.

Naan : $2.79
Sesame Naan : $3.39
Garlic Naan : $4.99


Lamb Kabob 
Shoulder lamb skewer marinated in our in house kabob burst of seasonings and cooked over charcoal for a tenderized perfection.
  • $13.99+
Tandoori (Boneless) 
White meat chicken breast chunks marinated in our in house Kabobi rich spices. Savory and high in protein, this kabob is cooked over charcoal and tenderized to bring you our delectable chicken kabob.
  • $10.99+
Lamb Chops 
Lamb loins skewer hand sliced and marinated in our in house kabob spices and cooked over charcoal to bring you authentic delectable lamb chops.
  • $13.99+
Tandoori (Boned) 
Quarter chicken leg marinated in our kabobi style tandori mala spices and cooked over our charcoal grill to serve a flavorful and smoky tandoori chicken.
  • $11.99+
Chicken Malai Kabob 
Chicken thigh chunks marinated with our in house rich malai spices, lemon juice, sweet onion to make a creamy and tender full yogurt based kabob. Cooked over charcoal to bring you our famous savory delectable kabob.
  • $10.99+
Chicken Seehk Kabob 
Fresh ground (minced) chicken that uses over a dozen of our in house wholesome rich spices. Also made with fresh jalapeno, ginger, garlic, and scallions. Cooked over charcoal.
  • $9.99+
SmokeHouse Wings 
Marinated with our in house BBQ spices and sauce to perfect a lightly spiced and sweet grilled wings that will surely give your taste buds a flavorful run.
  • $11.99+


Veggie Biryani : $13.49
Chicken Biryani 
  • $14.99
Goat Biryani 
  • $17.99
Boneless Chicken Tandoori Biryani 
  • $17.99
Rice : $5.49

kabobirestaurant menu

kabobirestaurant menu